Jul 21, 2014

New Workshop Preview!

A special preview for you.
My new online workshop ,

"Encaustic Art To Wear"

Begins September 1, 2014.

Sometimes you cannot see the video when you receive the blog post via email.
If you cannot see this video , here is the direct link to the video on my youtube channel :)
Here is the deal on this one.
This workshop is in reality

  6 full completely separate workshops, rolled into 1 price:)

I am so super excited to bring to you all of these  projects we will 
be doing in this workshop ,
which will revolutionize and bring a whole new 
aspect in creating Art to Wear jewelry with wax as the main medium! 

Once the workshop begins, participants will have the workshop for a full year.
But , do to its size ,and the volume of projects, 
once the class begins in Sept,
or fills beforehand, 
the class registration will be closed. 
This one just can't  be on going 
to purchase at any time so sorry. 

I may run it a second time somewhere out there in the future.
But I do not have a date set for this as of yet.

Each week , beginning Sept 1,
 we will be doing completely different projects concentrating on 
Art To Wear, using Encaustics. 

Gorgeous 3 dimensional sculptural pieces !

Super Fun!!!!

You can see all of the details, as well as register for the


Email me if you have any questions :)

Jul 16, 2014

No Wax on Wednesday today.
I am trying to get all my ducks in a row here for a  photo shoot of some of the
upcoming "Encaustic Art To Wear " workshop for you! 
I should have some nice pics and hopefully a preview on Sunday for you. 

There is someone in the house that 
is about to become a teenager on Friday!

She has to stay right side up, and on 2 feet for a couple of weeks
at least here, as she injured her hip  a few weeks ago.

 The doctor is saying it is Apophysitis .
Hopefully she can heal up here in the next month or so. 

Congratulations to her 
for being selected to Dance in the Disney World Christmas
Parade though!

Happy Birthday Reagan!

Happy creating to you!
Regular Wax on Wednesday will be back
next week:)

Jul 9, 2014

Welcome ! Come join us for Wax on Wednesdays #4!


Here is #4!
This week is alcohol inks , and all the fun magical ways it interacts
with the wax. 
It changes and transforms into beautiful shapes , and is wonderful for incising marks
and lines.
The abstract flowers remind me of a peacock . 
This painting video is a time lapsed over several days. 
I was drawn back to the rich vibrancy of the blue alcohol ink in the end. 

My favorite crayon in the whole box of Crayolas as a child
was "Cornflower Blue" ! I don't believe they make it anymore , so
I probably really dated myself with that tid bit of info . But, it was so alive  and exciting!

This is also a good description for the alcohol inks used with the wax.
"Alive and exciting!"
They move , and transform into what they will. Each time it is different.

What was your favorite crayon in the box,
and why?

Sometimes the video does not come through if you are receiving this post via email. If you do not
see the video , here is the direct link to my you tube channel where you can view this weeks video directly :)

I sincerely hope you are enjoying the Wax on Wednesdays series!
If you are giving any of these fun techniques a go , and want to share , please feel free to share your blog post etc related to this post , in comments with us!

Blessings to you,

Jul 2, 2014

Wax on Wednesdays #3!

                                                I owe an extra Wax on Wednesday!
I will do my best to fit in an extra surprise Wednesday in here, in the next couple of weeks.
Truth told, I am back from a much needed brake for our annual trip to Disney .
Mosaics inside Cinderella's Castle originally designed by Dorthea Redmond mosaic created
by Hanns Joachim Scharff
When I was younger we would go to Disneyland because we lived in California. Now that I am practically in the middle of the country-ish, we travel to Disney World.

As an adult I am still strongly drawn to this place. Of course it is no longer the princesses, or the hoopla  that lures me back now. The  strong memories of my entire family being there  is a part of it. And, the overwhelmingly positive attitude does completely recharge my spirit, where I realize it is too much for some (my husband included.)
 I am a strong believer of a positive  domino effect. Where one act of kindness can blossom into hundreds , or even thousands if continually paid forward. And , I have seen , heard, and experienced many of these acts originating from the people employed there.
Jack , an awesome Disney cast member, drew this for Reagan on a napkin ,while he was waiting to 
for our chicken sandwiches to be ready at a quick serve restaurant in Hollywood Studios.

Generating a positive spirit is a whole other blog post however!

Reagan's freehand paper tablecloth drawing at Cape May Cafe

The thing that draws my artist eye back year after year is this. Behind Everything at Disney down to the tiniest detail, from the buildings, decor, rides , themes, hotels, etc is is a mass conglomerate of artists from every aspect imaginable.
Disney Contemporary resort wall mural
In short, someone dreamed it , someone designed it , and someone figured out a way to make it real.
Sand castles in display cases all around Cape May Cafe

                                                                   Yes it is commercial.
But, I approach it as behind each and every experience, and detail, there are a multitude of  creative spirits that poured their soul into making  this real.
original artwork by Guy Vasilovich

As a result I like to look for, and appreciate, all of the creative energy that has been produced by people both living and past ,that went into everything there , and not the commercialness of it.

And my own spirit is refreshed

Wax on Wednesday #3

For this weeks "Wax on Wednesdays" I am using a handmade stencil to lay color on top of  color.
I used heavy 140lb paper because it was handy , but card stock, chip board , etc, can all easily be used for this. If you want a cleaner edge to your finished image ,clean it up with a slightly warmed up blade or exacto knife etc. heated on your warming tray.

For this week I prepped board with  encaustic gesso, and then used encaustic medium , oil colors white , and black, and water soluble graphite on
cradle board . Thats it!

The lovely vintage striation marks are from the graphite moving on the wax. That was probably my favorite part about this piece.

If you are receiving this post via email sometimes the video does not come through. To
view this weeks  video please use this link ;
or view directly on the blog: www.playswithpaper.blogspot.com
Blessings to you,

Jun 11, 2014

Wax on Wednesdays #2

Welcome to Wax on Wednesdays #2 

This week I am showing some of my favorite methods of painting . This abstract piece was done over several days time in many , many layers. Most of the time what I begin with is not reflective of what the painting  will become in the end. Layers allow you to keep certain elements , scrape back to reveal older layers of color, or take it in another direction .

Wax Layer Play

My paintings are often mood based. We are all creatively affected by what surrounds us. You can even tell from my color scheme when the weather changed from sunny, to days of clouds and thunderstorms.


For this painting I used Sennelier oil pastels, Shiva Paint Sticks, "Hot Cakes" by Encausticos, R and  F brand titanium white, and  
R andF encaustic medium 
I hope you enjoy this Wax On Wednesday!
Blessings to you

 If you are not able to view the videos (sometimes it does not come through when you receive it through email ,here is the direct link.There are 2 videos for you this week :)
If you are not able to view the videos (sometimes it does not come through when you receive it through email ,here is the direct link. There are 2 videos for you this week :)

Jun 4, 2014

YAY! Wax on Wednesdays #1, and Brand New Workshop!



 "Wax on Wednesday" !

I am so excited that you are joining me for the very first 
Wax on Wednesday of the summer. 
Each week I will be showing a small video of my encaustic work.
This is not meant to be a  workshop or tutorial ,
but I do give some tips, and show you  how I go about my encaustic painting, and hopefully you will be encouraged to give this awesome medium a go!
Some Wednesdays will be  abstract , stylized, scenic, photos etc. colorful, muted, depending on my
mood in the studio that week :)
This first one is a very basic landscape encaustic painting .
This is tiny 4x4 " masonite board, and can be completed in a couple of hours.
 Some encaustic paintings have many many layers and take days to complete.

Each layer has to be heat fused in between so that it will adhere to the layer underneath it.
This is the key to success !
Sometimes you will see me use a heat gun,
and sometimes a torch. Since this is a very tiny painting, and I am in the upstairs studio, I am just using  a small butane torch on this one.
(I'll get out the big guns on another Wednesday )

I have prepped the board with R and F encaustic gesso (love that stuff ). 
I used Shivas and oil pastels for color this week.
Sometimes painting directly with the paintisticks, sometimes with my fingers, and sometimes incorporating the oil color into the wax and using a brush.
This is a time lapsed video , sped up significantly so that I don't bore you to death :) , but so that you get an idea of how layers and textures of wax can be built up to add dimension.

Hope that you enjoy !

If the video didn't load for you on the blog (sometimes they don't if you receive it via email), you can see it
And Surprise!

Registration is up for 

Encaustic Art To Wear Online Workshop!

Get ready for a very full 6 weeks beginning Sept 1st, 2014!!!
Each week we will be creating  an entirely different focal piece.
 focals , vessels, beads,
all using metal and encaustics!
If you like painting  and want to create a jewelry piece of your work 
this is for you!
If you are looking for a whole new way to create focals, beads, and artful vessels  etc, in your metal jewelry 
designs , or looking for a new path in metal work
this is for you!
If you love mixed media art , exploring , and taking brand new paths,
this is for you!
If you are addicted to wax
this is most definitely for you!

Each week will feature quality high definition videos
with complete step by step instruction.
Supply and Resource downloadable Pdf lists will be sent out 
July 15. 

Early Bird Registration Special !
Now through July 15, 
After July 15 
limited space will be available, and one full registration for this one will be closed.
To register see my "online workshop page " 
Or, you can also register and see all of the details in my
Etsy store Primology
email me at shari.replogle5@gmail.com
with any questions
Blessings to you,


Jun 2, 2014

New Workshop Announcement and Some Surprise Summer Fun!

I have a couple of fun surprises ...
First off

"Wax on Wednesdays!" 

Come join me for some fun studio time every Wednesday, 


I will be using all sorts of different techniques in my encaustic paintings.
Some whimsical, some abstract, organic, assemblage
 All summer long,
 every Wednesday 
you can join me in the studio ,
where I will share my love of encaustic painting with you.
And hopefully inspire you to want to try this wonderful medium in your
own artwork. 
(hold on metal lovers ,and jewelry makers , because  this one is for you too!)

 Encaustic Art To Wear 

6 Week Online Workshop

Sept 1, 2014

Come with me on another journey ,
 and create
 miniature works of art,
using encaustics on metal.
We will be creating
6 completley different methods
"art to wear"
all using the ancient method of encaustics.
Whether you are interested in creating tiny paintings of your own art to wear, or you are
wanting to explore new horizons for your bead making ,  metal work, focal pieces. There will be something for everyone in this workshop !
Early Bird Registration opens Wednesday June 4
Workshop Begins Sept 1st, 2014!

 I will let you in on all of the details
on this
Wax on Wednesday !
: )