Sep 2, 2014

In The Studio This Week

New fall issue of Prims Magazine is out!
And, there are Teddy Jacks inside!  
The Fall issue is my very favorite because of all the lovely 
 Halloween whimsical art dolls, 
so I was excited that my Teddy Jacks were featured in  this year's Fall  issue.
Country Living Magazine Fair is right around the corner!
I will be leaving next week for Columbus Ohio . 
 These are my original paintings , added to cuffs!
I think these  are my new favorite things . 
Each cuff is a portion cut from one of my  original paintings, so completely one of a kind, added to a 
aluminum cuff with a glass like finish. 
They came out really nice, I will be bringing some to the 
CLF . 

The Encaustic Art To Wear Workshop has begun!
6 weeks of creating art to wear all using encaustics.
Come on over and join the fun!

Registration for this workshop will be closing  on Sept . 15.

See the online worksop page here on the blog or my Etsy 
store to register.
Once you have purchased the workshop, you have access to everything for   
an entire year!

Sometimes you cannot view the video when you receive the post by email. To view the video
directly follow this link to my youtube channel:

Blessings to you,

Aug 20, 2014

Welcome to Wax on Wednesdays! #8

This week I went back to my roots 
and did an assemblage piece. 

 This will be the last Wax on Wednesdays ! for a bit as 
it is almost time for 
"Encaustic Art to Wear" 
online workshop to begin , YAY!
And also , I will be at the Country Living Magazine shows 
in Columbus , Ohio , and Atlanta Ga. in Sept and Oct. 
If I can find a spot to fit in a Wax on Wednesday , I 
certainly will .

One of my tiny pewter cast Charlotte dolls . 
The title of this piece is "Housekeeping" .

This super yummy rusty metal door plate had a few coats of matte spray 
added before this piece was begun. I don't show any of the prep work,
or finishing the sides, excessive scraping back and cleaning up etc, in the videos as not to bore you to death.

There is also a lot of "cool down " time in between, where the piece needs 
to rest and it's too warm to work with , so  I go work on another piece.

Bottom line...
I wish I could make a piece like this in 6 minutes 58 seconds but Im just not that epic . So I sped it up, and just
you show the good parts :)))

Sometimes you cannot see the video if you receive this post via email. If you do not see 
the video , you can view it directly on my Youtube channel Here. 
Or, by clicking on the photo below. 

I hope you enjoy this weeks "Wax on Wednesdays!" 
This piece will also be offered at the Country Living Magazine 
Fair . So ,come and see me if you would like to see it in person!
Blessings to you,

Aug 14, 2014

Getting Ready in the Studio

 With all of the preparations for back to school, dance, tumbling, etc , I am sad to say there
was just no time for a wax on Wednesday this week. But, I will be posting one more "Wax on Wednesdays! " for the summer 
next week. 
I have some other goodies though , I hope you will enjoy. 
I had my first full day back in the studio yesterday , after 3 days of feeling like I had been yanked out , and thrust full force into the aisles of Target with the masses , ( I am not a good shopper unless I am in an art store , or TJ Maxx), clamoring for "golden supply list items " including folders , 2" binders, the correct type of tab dividers, highlighters, and... 
locker decor? 
Not exactly thrilled with whoever dreamt that one up !

Honestly , I still have nightmares that I forgot my locker combination, all my books are inside, and I have a math test that I am going to be late for. 
I never had the desire to decorate that thing, I just hoped that someones gum , or worse ,wasn't still stuck in there from the year before !

I feel like I have been in and out, stopping and starting all summer , so it is good to fall back into a steady routine. 
These little assemblage gals will be coming with me to the Country Living Magazine Fair in Columbus Ohio next month.

The dolls are my favorite copper , and they are riveted to little assemblage story boxes.

Encaustic Assemblage Dolls   Shari Replogle 2014
Both the dolls and boxes are done with encaustics !
Each doll has her own  separate story on the back. 

Just about 2 more weeks until the online workshop begins!
You can still register here on the blog, or in my Etsy store , if
you would like to join us for 6 weeks of creating Encaustic Art To Wear !

Here are some new mixed media paintings just finished. 
11x14" on cradled board

"Strength" Shari Replogle 2014
"Silent Watch" 
"Silent Watch" Shari Replogle 2014
The original paintings  will be offered at Country Living Magazine Show next
I am excited to announce that you can now
purchase  professionally made prints of some of my paintings at 


Blessings to you ,

Aug 6, 2014

Welcome to Wax on Wednesdays! #7

 I hope today finds you having the time to enjoy whatever it may be
that you love doing  the most!
Sometimes we must create the time , and stick to it
without guilt ,  or it will never come for us. 

My poor Monkey got paint on him when he came outside with me,
and licked my hands, as I was trying to take the photo above.

 This week for Wax on Wednesdays , a little folk art collage.
I prepped the board completely before the video was shot, so 
I wouldn't bore you to death with that . 
It has 5-6 fused layers already on it.

A lot of times if I am suffering from a little block , 
or pressed for time , I prep boards, or 
work on backrounds.

This week I used R and F  encaustic medium , Rand F titanium white, 
Shiva oil sticks and Sennelier oil pastels. 

Sometimes the video does not show if you receive this post via email.
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Here are some  new paintings that have been on my work table. 
All are 11x14 mixed media acrylic , charcoal, oil pastels, and graphite
on 140 lb. watercolor paper mounted on 1" cradled birch board 
ready to hang. 
"Soul Searches" by Shari Replogle

"Someone to Watch Over Me" by Shari Replogle 

"Inner Voices" by Shari Replogle

Blessings to you, 

Jul 30, 2014

Welcome to Wax on Wednesdays #6!

Welcome to "Wax on Wednesdays" #6 !

This week was all about masking and layering. 

I love the way the oil colors sometimes separate when heated.
Its sometimes a fine line to walk between a soft and delicate subtle  separation, and "uh oh" totally devastating 
separation :) Slow and Careful , and gentle patience are key. 

The colors I used this week were Sennelier oil pastels , Shiva Paint Sticks, and Rand F
titanium white on cradled clay board. 

Sometimes you cannot see the video when you receive the post via email. I am not 
sure why this is , if someone knows please clue me in :) If you cannot see it, here
is the direct link to my youtube channel.

You can also subscribe to my youtube channel while there, and I believe they will notify you when I post new videos + find the channel easier etc .

I hope you enjoy this weeks video !

Thank you! to Laura and Deb for the super  sweet birthday wishes, and also all the kind emails :)
My "reply " button on Blogger hasn't worked the past couple of days on any of my devices (ipad, mac, iphone ) I tried them all ! Anyone else having this issue?

"Silly Song and Carry On"
The beads we will be creating in the "Encaustic Art To Wear " Workshop !
I am in love with all of the possibilities with this technique. So much beautiful color , depth , and texture!

This is just one of the 6 full projects we will be getting into . Each week will feature and entirely new project!

Blessings to you,

Jul 28, 2014

On My Table Today

"It takes Courage"  by Shari Replogle -Quote  EE Cummings
This is on my table today. 
I thought it appropriate as I turn another year older today.
29 for the umpteenth time of course!

Encaustic Vessels by Shari Replogle

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Enjoy Today!

Jul 23, 2014

Welcome to Wax on Wednesdays #5!

Welcome to "Wax on Wednesdays" #5!
This week is all about mark making in the wax both on clayboard, and paper substrates !
I used the Shiva Paint Sticks for colors this week.

The paper I used was a Strathmore mixed media paper . It was 140 lb and a little heavy for this installation. If I continue with the "mark Making "series , I will use a much lighter handmade paper  , which will also be better for the wonderful translucency that I love.

I have been in an encaustic Frenzy of creating and the studio is ready for a thorough cleansing ! A fresh work surface covering on my bench, and complete dewaxing is definitely in order as my Hubby was giving me funny looks as he peeked in yesterday. "What , is my there wax in my hair?" Yeah ,  most likely :)

  But ,first I wanted to show you this piece as it was in process. This one took quite a while , so time lapsed an understatement as I didn't want to bore you with all of the tedium , but wanted you to still get an idea of the stages it goes through. I also usually work on several at a time , so that I can let the wax cool down and rest in-between.

Although it doesn't show it,  yes-er- indeed-y, every single little thin layer is either fused with heat gun or torch.

Sometimes you can't see the video when you receive the post via email. If you cannot see this video here is the direct link to it on my Youtube Channel :) 

Blessings to you,