Oct 16, 2014

New Soldering Workshop Registration Open!

Birds of a Feather 

Solder Together ! Online Workshop

Early Bird Special Sale Begins Today Through Oct 26

 Are you ready for another soldering adventure?

In This workshop we will be creating 

"3 "

Totally Awesomely Gorgeous soldered bird cages complete with vintage china birds inside ! Nested birdies, birdies on swinging perches.....swoon ,oh my!
and ...
A beautiful antique broken china bird ornament
(which can also be a focal for a rockin' statement necklace)

 Areas we will be exploring in this workshop:
We will be primarily focusing on 3 dimensional sculptures with solder
and approaching aspects of construction with solder
beading /pearling
china cutting /shaping

altering and assemblage with found objects galore...  and solder!

Workshop begins November 24, which makes these stunning gifts to give
for Christmas !!!!!!

 All of the details and registration page  are on the "Online Workshops" page at the top of the blog. 
The early bird sale is good through October 26.

Constructing 3 dimensional forms with solder is so much fun! Your brain will be spinning with all of the possibilities :)

See you soon!

Oct 13, 2014

Little Sneak Peak

 Beautiful china birds as far as the eye can see,
what can they become ? 
You will see...
ornaments for the tree?

On Wednesday come check back with me ,
to find out ALL the wonderful things they can be.....

Oct 9, 2014

Country Living Magazine Fair Atlanta Super Awesome Giveaway , Workshops, and more!

Heidi ho Everyone!
For those of you that are solder lovers, and enthusiasts, 
I have a how to article on creating these pretty beaded  soldered head pins, in this issue of Belle Armoire Jewelry Magazine. 
Hint ,hint for those of you in the Solder and Spice workshop!
 This is one is super  fun, and perf to take it a step farther ;)
There are so many beautiful projects in the fall issue! 
Including a cool  one using ice resin on little metal dress forms from my friend Jen Crossely . 

An AWESOME  Surprise for YOU!
If you are planning on attending the Atlanta Country Living Magazine Fair 
Oct 24-26 , then 
 I have a special treat!
Stella Shows , the management co for Country Living Magazine Fairs is giving me


 to give away here on the blog . 

EEEEEK! That is an $80.00 value!!!

This show is so incredibly huge and in the gorgeous setting of Stone Mtn National Park. 
I have customers tell me every year that there is NO way to see this show in just one day .

If you would like a chance to win these EARLY BIRD Passes they are good every day for the whole weekend -AND you get the special priority early bird entry time ! 
Just leave a comment here on the blog, on why you love the Country Living Fair , or why you are looking forward to coming for the first time ,
 and I will draw a random winner on Tuesday Oct 14!

That's 80.00 savings  that can be used for finding some great loot,
I mean Christmas gifts of course :) ,at the fair.
 Last but not least , 
I have had many requests for smaller workshops on the Encaustic Art To Wear .
I am working to make each one a fun mini workshop (2-3 hours in High def video each)
at a MUCH lower price :)
This way you can choose which project you would like to have fun with , and not have the huge cost of the entire 6 project workshop. You will have each workshop as long as you like , as well as the online classroom , and me via email with any questions . 
I will be having a special pre sale for these workshops very very soon ,
so please stay tuned. 
Workshops will begin the week of Nov 9 . 

 Blessings to you,


Oct 4, 2014

Last Few Hours to Sign Up for the Workshop!

Last few hours to sign up for the "Encuastic Art To Wear "
online workshop!
To register and/or  see all of the details for this fun workshop with 6 weeks of completely 
different encaustic projects, 
go to  the online workshop page 
at the top of the blog, or my ETsy.

Blessings, and have a wonderful weekend!

Sep 29, 2014

Last Week to Sign Up for Encaustic Art To Wear Online Workshop

This is the very last week to sign up for the
"Encaustic Art To Wear" online workshop!
 We have been having a great time creating a brand new project each week!
 The workshop is available for an entire year after purchase, and you can watch the videos as often as you like, and create at your own pace .

 And , I am always here via email to answer any questions you may have
throughout the whole year . 
 Each of the 6 projects is a piece (or several different pieces) of "Art to Wear" that we create using encaustics
as our main medium along with metal , wire,and lots of awesome unique  techniques!
 Encaustic Sacred Vessels
 Encaustic Journals
 You can still purchase the workshop either here on the blog on the online workshop page, 
or in my Etsy store Primology. 
Registration will be closed after Saturday Oct. 4.
Email me at shari.replogle5@gmail.com with any questions.

Have a Great Week!

Sep 2, 2014

In The Studio This Week

New fall issue of Prims Magazine is out!
And, there are Teddy Jacks inside!  
The Fall issue is my very favorite because of all the lovely 
 Halloween whimsical art dolls, 
so I was excited that my Teddy Jacks were featured in  this year's Fall  issue.
Country Living Magazine Fair is right around the corner!
I will be leaving next week for Columbus Ohio . 
 These are my original paintings , added to cuffs!
I think these  are my new favorite things . 
Each cuff is a portion cut from one of my  original paintings, so completely one of a kind, added to a 
aluminum cuff with a glass like finish. 
They came out really nice, I will be bringing some to the 
CLF . 

The Encaustic Art To Wear Workshop has begun!
6 weeks of creating art to wear all using encaustics.
Come on over and join the fun!

Registration for this workshop will be closing  on Sept . 15.

See the online worksop page here on the blog or my Etsy 
store to register.
Once you have purchased the workshop, you have access to everything for   
an entire year!

Sometimes you cannot view the video when you receive the post by email. To view the video
directly follow this link to my youtube channel:

Blessings to you,

Aug 20, 2014

Welcome to Wax on Wednesdays! #8

This week I went back to my roots 
and did an assemblage piece. 

 This will be the last Wax on Wednesdays ! for a bit as 
it is almost time for 
"Encaustic Art to Wear" 
online workshop to begin , YAY!
And also , I will be at the Country Living Magazine shows 
in Columbus , Ohio , and Atlanta Ga. in Sept and Oct. 
If I can find a spot to fit in a Wax on Wednesday , I 
certainly will .

One of my tiny pewter cast Charlotte dolls . 
The title of this piece is "Housekeeping" .

This super yummy rusty metal door plate had a few coats of matte spray 
added before this piece was begun. I don't show any of the prep work,
or finishing the sides, excessive scraping back and cleaning up etc, in the videos as not to bore you to death.

There is also a lot of "cool down " time in between, where the piece needs 
to rest and it's too warm to work with , so  I go work on another piece.

Bottom line...
I wish I could make a piece like this in 6 minutes 58 seconds but Im just not that epic . So I sped it up, and just
you show the good parts :)))

Sometimes you cannot see the video if you receive this post via email. If you do not see 
the video , you can view it directly on my Youtube channel Here. 
Or, by clicking on the photo below. 

I hope you enjoy this weeks "Wax on Wednesdays!" 
This piece will also be offered at the Country Living Magazine 
Fair . So ,come and see me if you would like to see it in person!
Blessings to you,