Jul 29, 2015

Wax on Wednesdays! Last in the Embedding Series

The last installment of the "embedding " series for "Wax on Wednesdays!" is a very common inexpensive element that can lend itself in soooo many ways and shapes  to create a sculpture in the wax !
Foam Core Board!

 There are so many directions you could take using this  material!
 I chose a shape and colors that reminded me of things from the sea 
( since I just had the pleasure of seeing it :)

The Pan Pastel colors  can be layered so beautifully with encaustic wax, and their depth of color paired with the crystals , gives this  piece  a luminosity that is just beautiful .  

Here is the list of supplies I used this week :
R and F encaustic medium (tinted white)
4x4x2" cradled wood panel
foam core board cut into strips
Pan Pastels
foam make up type sponges
heat gun
natural crystals
Sennelier Oil Stick burnt sienna

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Happy Creating !!

Blessings to you, 

Jul 15, 2015

Wax on Wednesdays Encaustic Mosaic Fun!!

 Happy Wax on Wednesdays to you!

This week July's encaustic embedding month continues with some
 beautiful broken china shards.

 As you probably already know , I have taught the broken china jewelry classes for 14 years now , woot! 
So, I have a "little" stash of these around  :) . I keep these extra little ones in a bucket because the patterns are just so pretty and they are perfect for small mosaics. 
 My Supplies I used this week are:
6x6x2" cradle board
R and F encaustic medium
white tinted encaustic medium
burnt sienna oil stick
Pan Pastels
clay scraper
heat gun 
vintage broken china shards 

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Jul 14, 2015

WOOT Its a Big Birthday SALE! ..and a Sneak Peek

Its Here!
I have 2 overall sales a year on workshops and here it is. 

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"Encausticology" Image Exploration
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Rainy Day Doll Tutorial (Paper Mache and Encaustic )

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What's Happening tomorrow ?
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See you tomorrow! 


Jul 8, 2015

Wax on Wednesdays Encaustic Painting Embedding For Shape, Texture, Form ...

This week I am posting the video directly from the Youtube channel to the blog, so we will see how this goes!  I am a little more weary of experimenting with technology, but constantly try and force myself to keep up with these new buttons and gadgets that are available out there :)

Continuing the encaustic embedding theme this month with some fun shapes and textures. 
There are so many ways you can go with just these 2  elements ( string or twine, and old magazines)  and embedding them into the encaustic surface . I am showing one fun way, but I can feel  a whole series brewing with these fun items! 

Here is the supplies I used this week:
4x4x2" unprimed cradle board
painters tape to mask off sides
vintage magazine cuttings
R and F encaustic medium
Burnt sienna and black Sennelier oil paint sticks
heat gun (Wagner)
clay tools and scraper

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Blessings , and Happy Creating!

Jul 1, 2015

Wax on Wednesdays! for July 2015 "Embedding the Unexpected !"

This month I thought it would be super fun to 
"Embedding the Unexpected!" 
Wax on Wednesdays! on the Youtube Channel 
I began with a 4x4x2" cradle board

The embedding item this week is 
"cotton punis"
These are used in charkha, spinning, spun cotton ornaments etc. 
Cotton roving can also be used with  similar  results. 
This cotton takes the wax in beautifully , and can be lightly sculpted as it cools, which can create really beautiful effects!

The Supplies I used this week are :
cradle board 4x4x2"
R and F encaustic medium
Sennelier and Windsor Newton Oil Sticks and Bars
Clay tools
Palette knife
cotton punis 
baby wipes

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Jun 25, 2015

All New Wax on Wednesdays Video!

 All new "Wax on Wednesdays!" video this week. 
I began this small work with the intention of exploring mark making with inks, graphite, and oil sticks in the wax . 
I started with a 4x4 x2" cradle board.
I also wanted to experiment with adding some graphite powder to the encaustic gesso and see what would come of it. 
After the gesso mixture dried on the panel, the more I sanded it, the more I loved how the graphite darkened in some places , and showed the brush texture. I purposely used the stiffest ,scratchiest , oldest brush , ( that I had not yet ruined) that I could find anticipating that I would enjoy any texture it gave with the graphite gesso mix. 

The Supplies I Used This Week:
4x4x2" unprimed wood cradle board
R and F encasutic gesso
graphite powder
graphite crayon
clay tools
clay scraper
oil paint stick white
india inks : white, black, red
baby wipes

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Jun 20, 2015

Come Join In the Photo Encaustic Fun!

June has just flown by , without a post!
Encausticology workshop
 is now in full swing
 and you can join in the creating at any time. 

 This workshop has 27 videos (over 7 hours) of encaustic image exploration fun. 
transferring imagery (multiple methods)
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photo encaustic


 exploring, experimenting , creating ...

Being bold, getting messy , 

making art.