Sep 30, 2015

New Wax on Wednesdays Video and New Studio !!!

Lots of excitement this week !
All new Wax on Wednesdays video is up today!
I know it has been a few weeks here as I was out of town for the show, 
and then when I got back the studio was all ready to move in!

Honestly I think I could have packed our entire house up 10 times quicker than my upstairs studio.
 But there it all went , 
up to Downtown Cincinnati ,
and then all unpacked in its place once again. 
I am on Instagram now !
If you would like to see morning warm up pics, in progress
shots, etc. stop by for a visit ( and say Hi!)
user name : sharireplogle_studios

Open studio ART WALK at the new studio this weekend!
Come visit me at
 ESSEX Studios in Downtown Cincinnati
on Friday and Sat Oct 2-3 from 6-10pm.

What is going on for the art walk? 

~See all of the working artist's studios!
~Wonderful Art for Everyone all styles and mediums
~Food , wine
~Live music
~Lot's of goings on at the Essex
~Over 100 artists at the Essex
~Stop by and  visit me for a while !  (studio #246 :))

Supplies I used for this project are :
india inks
water color gouache 
water color paper
graphite crayon
encaustic medium 
old panty hose to polish
heat gun

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Sep 2, 2015

Wax on Wednesdays Abstract Landscape With Pan Pastels and Silver Leaf !

 Happy September to you!
This will be the last Wax on Wednesdays! for about 3 weeks,
 as I get ready to go to Country Living Magazine Fair in 
Columbus Ohio September 18-20.

And, some other exciting news to share with you, 
I will be moving in to a new art   studio 
in downtown Cincinnati in just a few days!

It is new to me, but in reality this 100 year old factory located in downtown Cincinnati  has been  housing private art studios to professional artists of all mediums now for over 15 years. 

So what are my  Feelings lately ?
Over the top excited, nervous, sleepless, terrified, happy , you get the idea :)
To curb my anxiety I just keep thinking
Awesome things about this studio are  :

 A Wall of Windows that are at least 12 feet high !
Ability to have proper filming space for videos and workshop filming.
Ability to host private and group workshops with you in the studio!
Proper working space , with a dedicated working time , without the distraction that maybe I should go 
scrub my toilets,  do laundry, or vacuum  . 
A wall of windows at least 12 feet high !

The Essex in Downtown Cincinnati  will be having their Fall Art Walk show just a couple of weeks after I move in on
October 2,3!!

Here is a snippet directly from their web site about this  show:

About the Essex Studios Art Walk The artists of Essex Studios open their working artist studios at the quarterly Art Walk events. The Art Walk takes place the first Friday & Saturday of October and December in 2014. Artists transform their studios into art gallery environments designed to showcase their particular media.

There are many wonderful artist collectives and studio complexes in Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky, but none of the other large group shows exhibit the depth and breadth of art featured at Essex Studios. The beauty of an Art Walk weekend is the unparalleled diversity of 
artists, artworks and patrons

If you are in the area , and would like to see the new studio ,
and all of the wonderful resident artists, and outside artists that display at this show come on by!

If you email me ahead and let me know  you are coming to the studio gallery/show, I  will have a signed , original, encaustic, postcard size work on paper , especially  for you, as a gift when you get here :))

Sometimes when you receive the post via email , the video does not show up. 
To view the video directly on the YouTube channel 
Supplies I used this week are:
R and F encaustic medium tinted white
6x6x1 1/2" cradle board
Shiva oil sticks
Pan Pastels
silver leaf 
clay tools
heat gun

Blessings to you,

Aug 26, 2015

Wax on Wednesdays Encaustic and Wood Glue Burn

A wood glue burn is a wonderful way to achieve rich caramel , and rust colors .
Adjustments can be made to how deep the shades become by the stroke of the torch. 

 Here are the supplies used this week:
4x4 x 7/8" wood panel
R and F encaustic medium
wood glue (  hardware store )
India Ink
graphite crayon
graphite powder (and water)
oil sticks (white , buff, black)
heat gun
torch (with adjustable flame)

 Safety precautions should always be taken for working with an open flame.
 Outside is best for this process. 
I am using a butane torch with an adjustable flame set on very low to control the burn. 

Sometimes when you receive the post via email the video does not work. To see the video directly on the YouTube channel click 

I would love to share some of the awesome photos that have been shared with me
from  students in the workshops! If you would like to grab some photos of your workshop progress, or completed projects, and email them to me I would love to post them here on the blog for you.

There are currently 8 workshops and 2 tutorials to choose from . All are self paced with 24/7 lifetime access! (and me anytime via email :))
How To Make Beautiful Broken China Jewelry Workshop:
Work by the awesome Rhonda !

Love the playing card presentation Rhonda!!!

Encaustic Art To Wear Workshop:
 Work by the wonderful Marlene !
Beautiful wire forms for the pod sculpture pendants!

and look at all the beautiful houses ! Love all the little details.

 Encaustic and Metal Journal , Let the Journey Begin....Workshop:
 Work by the Fabulous Leslie!
 All of the fabulous texture and pattern in the cover!
 Love the moving goodies in the child's page.

Love the photos on the Mother's page , soo beautiful.
OOOh, inside cover is gorgeous too!

I love getting happy photo mail from you, it makes my day !

Workshops are available on the "online workshops " page at the top of the blog , or in the Etsy shop

Blessings to you,

Aug 19, 2015

Fluid Movement of Encaustic Shellac Burn

Happy Wednesday! 
This week one of my favorite things to work with in encaustic . 
Shellac reveals  the fluidity and movement of the wax in such awesomely beautiful ways. 
Constant practice can achieve some assumptions and predictions about what the wax will do next , but no two results will ever be the same.

This produces the constant excitement in me of 
what will the wax do next?
What beautiful forms will it reveal?

Supplies I Used This Week:
4x4x1 /2" wood panel
6x6x1 1/2" wood panel
Encaustic gesso
R and F encaustic medium
Black India ink
pink tinted medium
white tinted medium
Encausticos Hot Cakes Green

Shellac is extremely flammable . 
Proper preparations should be taken for working with open flames . 
 Heat proof surfaces (several layers of them), clear ,clean working spaces , or outdoors is best.

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Blessings , and Happy Creating!

Aug 13, 2015

Wax on Wednesdays! What Did I Use ?

This week I decided to do a small 3 dimensional abstract.
I think that the ability to create such texture and dimension is part of what excites when you 
are painting, and creating a piece, in encaustic. 

In this video , I embedding , but not for the sake of viewing the embedded object. It is purely for the addition of raising parts of my composition to a 3 dimensional almost sculptural state. 

Would you like to  guess what material I used
for the 3 dimensional effect ?

Well, you will have to watch and see! :)

Supplies I used this week :
6x6 x 1 1/2" cradle board
R and F Encaustic medium
graphite powder
clay tolls
baby wipes
white India ink
red India ink
white encaustic paint
surprise household item you will have to watch and see ( don't worry you'll find out in the first 15 seconds :)

Sometimes when you receive the post via email the video does not show up. To view the video directly on the Youtube channel click

I hope you enjoy the video!

I would like to say a great BIG THANK YOU so much for joining me over on the YouTube channel.
There are now over 1000 subscribers and I am SO  excited  that you are there ! You can leave a comments on the videos , ask me questions etc.,click thumbs up if you enjoyed it , tell me if you tried the project out yourself etc.   all right there on the Youtube channel .

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I am putting together a giveaway next week in honor of the 1000 subscriber mark. I am trying to come up with something a little fun for everyone :)

Have a great week!

Aug 12, 2015

On My Studio Table

On My studio table ( a few days ago) some special photo encaustic gifts .
 Some for my Ms. Paula , 
and some for Grandma Jane's Birthday. 
All 3 daughters engaged at once? Doesn't happen every day.

I was able to grab some shots of Ms Paula's daughters,
 ( some of my favorite all time peeps ) and their fianc├ęs all together this summer, and did some
photo encaustic on mini wood blocks with them. 
These little mini blocks are my favorite at 4x4 x2 " . There is something about them, and I just can't have enough of them! 
They are so fun to play with the the photo encaustic on them. I think they remind me of playing with  building blocks, and I love putting groups of them together. 

For Grandma Jane I did little miss Reagan in some more photo encaustic
 on slightly larger wood panels.
With hers I worked in some background colors , which is the wonderful
thing about photo encaustic . You can take all of the color away , and then add
back in here and there, subtle touches and soft layers of dreamy wax. Or, you can
change the photo completely. 
Usually I tape off , and paint the sides, but I have done a few now with 
the wax dripping naturally , and organically where it may, and then add a stain over the sides, and really enjoying that natural more organic look . 
If you would like  to learn photo encaustic with me, You can!
 Just check out the "Encausticology Image Exploration" 
workshop on the online workshop page. 

Here is my PFATT offering for August 2015.
An original encaustic collage piece 
"Gentle Nature"
It measures 6x6x 1 1/2" on wood panel . 

You can see all the details on my PFATT page 

This week getting ready for  back to school already !
Wax on Wednesdays this week will be Wax on Thursday,
 and posted by tomorrow morning, 
as I have been rushing around getting little miss Reagan ready for high school !!!


Blessings to you,

Aug 5, 2015

Wax on Wednesdays! It's Not Always Like You Planned It

I bumped this one up a week for Trudie :)

The alcohol inks are so mesmerizing on the wax when working on a solid substrate (wood panel etc.)
I wanted to explore a similar effect with different papers. 
I can't really take the torch to the papers on their own safely, like I do in the layers of  wax on wood so...

I decided to work with 3 different substrates:
Yupo Paper 
140 lb Water Color paper  
140 Water color paper coated with encaustic medium first. 

You can clearly see in the video that I am not happy with one outcome, and the other remains even now a work in progress. ( I leave these out in a special place , because one day I end up passing  by and have that
moment for them)

The Yupo paper clearly won out and I ended up doing a couple 
more pieces with it that you see here. 

Sometimes when you receive the post via email the video does not show up. If you would like to view the video directly on the Youtube Channel click

The supplies I used this week are:
Alcohol inks (ranger brand)
isopropyl alcohol (spray bottle)
Yupo Paper
Water color Paper 140 lb.
Encaustic medium
heat gun (Wagner)

So, not all outcomes of everything are pretty all of the time. 
Sometimes a piece is just waiting to take another path. 
Sometimes your mind is not far enough down the road to see that path yet. 
But , the knowledge gained from committing to the creative process?

Blessings to you, and have a great week!