Apr 7, 2016

All New Wax on Wednesdays and Live Workshops Coming Up!

"My Heart Misses Your Soul" 20x20" oil and graphite on Canvas

Well, apparently it is Wax on Wednesdays! on Thursday again but here we are :)

Yesterday I had the very great honor of being on of the judges for the high school all  state art competition.
 I  was truly  blown away by each and every entry in All of the  categories! Holy Moly !!
Can you tell I love art? 
I especially love when others are excited about art. And, I am over the moon when teenagers and children are excited about art !  

This week Wax on Wednesdays is called "Working it Out" . 
I began working on a project with  the intention of exploring glue as a texture with india inks. The project did not go in the direction that I had planned on . 
What do you do then ?
Well, first I have to set them aside for a bit. Not too long so I forget about them, but over night usually. Just enough to get some distance between frustration and disappointment , so that I am able to see what they  "can be", instead of what they weren't .

Supplies I used this week are :

india inks
encaustic medium
white encaustic paint
140lb water color paper
heat gun 

As I mention in the video , once I have added several layers of medium to this paper  I know that I will have to mount them to a hard substrate so that they will not crack somewhere down the line. Most likely I will mount them to cradle birch board . 

If you would like to see the video directly on the Youtube Channel click 

I post a lot of photos and progress pics on Instagram ! If you would like to see, just type in sharireplogle_studios ,and click "follow", and then click the ...  button, for "turn on post notifications" to see when new photos are posted . 
Please Note:( I just post photos of art , and the studio etc. not selfies or food so you don't have to worry about me bombarding you with my afternoon "snack pics", or where they went to on my hips YIKES ! :))))
Join me for a live workshop ?

 One of the workshops I will be teaching at Artiscape in Columbus Ohio April 21-24 is 
Encaustic Photo Painting !

 Join me in the magic of using your own two hands, and encaustic,
 to alter photos with NO Photo Shop ! 

You can learn more , and register for the workshop 
seating is limited for the live workshops. 


Apr 1, 2016

Tips on How to Step Back from your Composition and Some Fun New Technology

Sometimes you are so close with the painting  you are working on , you need to take a step back, or even a break from viewing that piece. One of the benefits of working on a "series" of pieces is that you can set pieces aside to "step back" and give them and yourself a break , and work on another piece without breaking the current frame of mind you are in. This can be working on a series of florals , or  working completely abstractly in a certain palette,  color scheme, or encaustic technique etc. 

Here is one way I take a step back to give fresh eyes to a painting. 
Here I am using an abstract floral in oil as an example. 
I take a photo of the painting .
 It doesn't matter what stage it is in. You can have many "step back " stages as your painting moves along. Use the best natural light possible . If you do not have good lighting , take it outside for a quick shot with your smart phone or tablet. Then I go in and crop the photo so it is just showing my painting to the edge. I save the photo to my library .

Next I take the photo and render it to black and white . I do this to get a better idea of how I am doing on my darks/lights , shadows, etc . Do they make some sense? I also do this when working abstractly to examine my composition a little closer. By eliminating the color , my eye can do this much easier. 
I am simplifying everything for my eye to check things like composition and light and shadow a little closer. Often times I think a painting is finished and the photo reveals to me places I need to go in and simplify on abstracts , or highlight and shadow on a still life etc. 

I used a floral here for the example , but because most of my work is completely abstract , I use this same method as well for composition. Is it too busy in one area? where does your eye go ? Is that where you want it to go?

Fun New Technology For Branding Your Art!
MOO emailed me yesterday . I love their business cards and products . Their original paper is my favorite. 
They are teaming with a new product called "Monogram " 
This is a fun one !
Not quite sure everything you can do with it yet . But , I had a lot of fun creating one. 
It is an ap you can download from iTunes. Once downloaded you can add photos of your art , your process, your thoughts , an abbreviated artist statement , etc. 
And , you can make lots of them !!
Oh , and the best part is its FREE!
Sometimes when marketing your art , you feel like your budget can get nickled and dimed to death. So when things come a long for free it is a great thing. 
Here is the one I created yesterday. 


You can quickly show potential clients this mini portfolio on your iPhone or tablet. You can send it via email, and share it on several social media sites such as Facebook and Google Plus. 
It says you can share to Pinterest as well . I have not checked to see if this is possible yet. 

If you give it a try , let us  know how you liked it in the comment section of this post. Did you find any other cool ways you can use it? 
Ps: Moo did not ask me to do this , I just thought it was fun , beneficial , and wanted to share it with you :)

I am posting this last as I did not want to begin on a down note. It has been a long hard couple of months , but my "best studio assistant ever" Monkey, lost his battle early Monday morning.
 I had taken a step back from most things  myself in the end in order to nurse and be with him . This week has been a little rough for me without hearing his footsteps constantly behind me, my constant "shadow" . 

 But, if you have been wondering about Wax on Wednesdays , 5 minute painting warm ups etc. that is the scoop , and I plan on getting back into the studio and to  more postings beginning next week  :).

"Love Unconditional " Oil on canvas 24x30"
Blessings to you , 

Feb 17, 2016

New Live Workshops ! and 5 Minute Warm Up

I will be teaching 4 live workshops at
 in Columbus Ohio , April 21-24.

Would you like to join me ? 

Thursday April 21
Have fun  creating with hot melted beeswax and resin in the this encaustic assemblage workshop! The dynamics of encaustic painting will be introduced, along with how to make your own reusable molds, color the wax and cast. Learn encaustic painting and embedding techniques for assemblage, and lots of
 rusting, rusting, rusting! Woot !!!
You will leave with two completed paintings along with a mold to take home for future assemblage works!

"The Burn" 
Friday April 22

Discover the true magic that happens when encaustic and shellac are come together! The dynamics of encaustic painting will be introduced, as well as multiple colorant options, techniques and, of course, "the burn". Learn to manipulate and create gorgeous abstract color combinations and patterns that really wow! Leave with one large 8x8" and two smaller 4x4" pieces

"Encaustic Photo Painting "
Saturday April 23
Create one-of-a-kind works of art with encaustic wax and vintage photos. Learn how to transform your photographs using hot molten beeswax,  and paints. Shari will show you all the dynamics of encaustic painting, including adding color and texture to the wax surface. You'll also learn how to transfer photos onto the encaustic wax surface, then alter the image. Leave with a finished large (12x12") and small (6x6") painting.

Come with me for 
Intuitive expressionism painting is both exciting and action-packed when using encaustic!

Learn wildly fun techniques to loosen up , and paint freely, and intuitively. 

 All of the dynamics of encaustic painting will be covered, along with abstract composition and use of color. Learn how to incorporate mixed media elements, including inks, water colors, graphite and pastels. You will complete several works on paper and learn matting techniques for finished pieces.

Sunday April 24

You can see the details and register for these and all of the other 50 wonderful workshops at :

I have had several nice really messages while waiting for the registration for this retreat to open, and I can't wait to see you all there ! :) Remember seats are filled on a first come basis ,and there are seating limits for the live workshops so that we can all have a relaxing good time creating  :)

So sorry , No wax on Wednesdays this week .

We took on a small winter diy home project....
And completely gutted our entire first floor :)) 
Now hubby and I  are in the process of
putting it back together while he has 2 weeks off. 

Of course as soon as we emptied the first floor of the house of everything down to the  drywall and studs,  the washing machine, and the  computer , immediately gave up the ship! 
:) )))
Hoping to get a kitchen  sink , floors , and cabinets in ourselves by the end of the 2 weeks.
14 year old teenage girls  don't function very well on subfloor , and the great dane, and the studio assistant are greatly confused.
 ( he feels a bit  better this week btw thank you so much for all that had well wishes for him)

Wish me luck !

I did manage to get a 5 minute morning warm up posted for you . Hope you enjoy it.

If you would like to view the video directly on Youtube click


Feb 4, 2016

Wax on Wednesdays! Online Workshops, Live Workshops Oh My !

Lots of creating fun for you this week!

 Encausticology Collage Journey online Workshop has begun !

This is the first of 6 weeks for Encausticology Collage Journey 
online workshop. 
 You can join in with us  at any time at online 
workshop page up top here on the blog, or in the Etsy shop. 
Once you purchase one of my workshops, you have them with no
time limits or expiration dates :)

What do we do in the workshops? 
Well , this week we are making our own handmade encaustic paints!

And creating collage art  pieces with vintage ephemera. 

This week also marks the opening for Art Jewelry Adventure 2016 ! 
The cost is 99.00 for a entire year of full workshops from 19 different artists! 
This one is really diverse with a really wide range of gorgeous projects .

This month (beginning tomorrow Woot!)
is Cat Kerr's awesomely gorgeous project: 

My project begins in  April 
You get all of those full project workshops for the one price.
 If you would like to see more info on the projects and who is teaching, 
you can click

Columbus Ohio!
I will be teaching 4 different encaustic workshops at
in Columbus Ohio April beginning April 21st!

The first workshop is Thursday April 21st 
Registration should be opening for Artiscape at any time now !
 You can 
 check the website to see if registration has begun 
Seating is very limited for the live workshops , registration is made through the Aritiscape web site.

Wax on Wednesdays!
This week lots of color play with richly pigmented handmade encaustic paints.

Also, some encaustic stenciling ,and a surprise for the incising medium ;).

If you would like to view the video directly on the Youtube channel 

Did you do some intuitive painting warm up with me on Monday ?
 If you missed this week's  Monday Morning Warm Up video here it is :

If you would like to view the video directly on the youtube channel click;

Blessings to you,

Jan 29, 2016

Workshop Giveaway Winners, New VIdeo Series, and Adding More Dollar Store Items To Encaustic !

Lately I have been practicing a morning  warm up routine of intuitively 
I assemble all of  my supplies ahead of time . Mediums, colors , brushes, mark making tools.
The idea is to challenge my brain to make decisions intuitively, because I only have 5 minutes to complete the task. 
This is painting from how you feel in it's most raw from . No contemplating, no second guessing, no right or wrong .
 Just PAINTING in the moment. 

 I wanted to know if you might enjoy some little videos of the morning warm ups ? 
I thought to start out with Monday mornings might be nice. A lot of color , paint, 
and fun intuitive painting.
 A little splash of color with your morning coffee perhaps , before you begin creating your day ? Or, if you can't get to your creative space until the  evenings , or even the weekend , a little paint color goodness to tide you over until you can reach for those paints yourself and get to it !

And, I would love to have you join me in this warm up challenge!
If you would like to join the 5 minute warm up challenge , take a photo of your painting , say a little about it , how did you feel ?and post to 

#morningabstracts on Instagram 

If you would like to view the video directly on the Youtube channel click

 Here is the Wax on Wednesdays video for this week (on Friday :) Adding more of the dollar
store fun finds ,and embedding into encaustic !
And, a little surprise at the end …
Giveaway Winners Announced!
I won't spoil it by saying who it is, but if you are really you 
send me your email information so that I can get the workshop 
to you :)

If you would like to view the video directly on the Youtube channel click
Would you like to join in the fun ?
New workshop begins January 31st !

A super fun 6 weeks is almost here !!!!
All of the details for all of the workshops are on the "online workshop " page here on the blog or in the Etsy shop . 
Once purchased you have any of the workshops for as long as you like 24/7 with no time limits or expiration dates :)

Blessings to you,

Jan 19, 2016

Wax on Wednesdays , Dollar Store Haul , Workshop Excitement !

 Happy Wax on Wednesdays! 
I am actually going to get this one out to you on time this week . 
And , with everything that has been going on , that is something to be proud of :)
 My studio manager has been on and off sick again since before Christmas.
He has something in his lungs that is causing him to cough up blood in small amounts. I have been keeping home and at the Dr. about a million times and even an internal specialist but we have not solved the mystery yet. Today we start a round of medicine for "Lung Worm " Yuck !!!!
We are basically just checking off a list of things that it could possibly be. He has good days and yucky ones ,I am hoping he will be on the right track soon. 

I am holding off just a couple more days for the drawing for the slots in the Encausticology Collage Workshop!

You can still enter the drawing by leaving a comment on either of the last 2 posts :) I will announce the winners on Monday Morning ( 25th) . I wanted to have a chance to post a little video for the winners , because that is so much fun !! 

This week in Wax on Wednesdays ! Encaustic painting series , I am chatting a bit about what will be coming up in the next few weeks of videos before I begin this weeks project. 
Please feel free to leave a comment on the Youtube channel video, on your own finds, or if you tried the project, how did it go? Did you change it up? Did it give you another idea ? How are you enjoying your encaustic journey ? Etc . I love when a conversation gets started on the channel it makes it a lot of fun . 

Supplies I used this week:
Matches from dollar store
india ink
R and F encaustic medium
6x6x2" cradled board
Gorilla wood glue
the match book cover
oil sticks
graphite crayon 

To view the video directly on the Youtube Channel Click

EnCausticology Collage Online Workshop Begins January 31st !
Would you like to join me ?
Click on the "online workshop " page at the top of the blog to
see all of the details .

Jan 14, 2016

Happy Wax on Wednesday on Thursday :) Still Time to Enter Giveaway !

A little abstract landscape collage today using vintage ephemera. 
You can use collage as an excellent practice to get a feel for abstract compositions. Using the dark, light, and the natural colors of the vintage ephemera to help form your intuitive designs compositions . 
From there you can decide to add further additions of color or not. 
I added some oil colors and graphite to this little horizon. 

Supplies I used this week:
R and F encaustic medium
4x4x2" cradled birch board
heat gun
vintage emphemera
oil colors
graphite pencil
white oil pastel
old credit card for scraper
clay scraper

To see the video directly on the Youtube Channel click 

Just a couple of days left to enter the drawing for the free spot in the new Encausticology Collage workshop ! 
To enter simply post somewhere on any social media ( Facebook , pinterest, flickr, tumblr, blog, instagram etc. etc ) about the workshop and leave a comment saying where you posted . You are entered every time you post about it somewhere  and let me know!  :) Feel free to grab any of the photos etc from the previous post about the workshop to use when posting .
Blessings to you ,